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Clark Manufacturing made the most popular forklifts for many years.

Clark Hurth Transmission is known for manufacturing industrial and construction transmissions.

Dana Spicer® Transmission is currently producing the Clark® TE series transmissions. Dana Spicer® was formerly known as Clark Hurth®.

American Industrial Transmission can rebuild any of these Clark® transmissions. AIT has been in the remanufacturing business for over 30 years. We have rebuilt Clark® transmissions on the shelf for exchange. AIT can remanufacture your Clark® transmission and converter if you prefer.

AIT has transmission rebuild kits for most Clark® transmission styles. AIT carries transmission gasket kits for most Clark® transmission styles. AIT has many transmission parts and reman components available for same day shipment.

The Dana Spicer® TE series transmissions are being used in a variety of large equipment. There are TE-10 and TE-8 styles used in forklifts. TE-13 is used in some container handling equipment. These transmissions use an integrated computer system, and are quite complex.

The Clark® T16000 and Clark® T20000 series transmissions are used in small construction equipment. The Clark® T12000 series transmission is somewhat smaller. AIT will be happy to rebuild a Clark® T12000 or any of the other Clark® transmissions for you.

Earlier models include the Clark® 18000, Clark® 24000, Clark® 28000, and Clark® 32000 series transmissions. Each of these uses a bolt-together converter. The transmissions range from short drop 3-speed styles to long drop 6-speed styles.

AIT offers rebuilt Clark® 18000 transmissions, rebuilt Clark® 24000 transmissions, rebuilt Clark® 28000 transmissions and rebuilt Clark® 32000 transmissions. We carry the transmission rebuild kits for Clark® 18000, Clark® 24000, Clark® 28000, and Clark® 32000 transmissions.

AIT rebuilds the Clark® 34000 transmissions, but they are not available in our exchange program. Your Clark® 34000 transmission will need to be sent to AIT for rebuilding.

Clark® brand forklifts are still being made. Over the years there have been many different Clark® forklift transmission styles. AIT carries most of these, along with the Clark® torque converters that were used in the lift trucks. Most Clark® forklifts used a transaxle style transmission, meaning that you get both the transmission and the differential when purchasing.

Whether you have a Clark® C500 transmission, a Clark® GCS transmission, a Clark® GPX transmission, or one of the newest Korean-made Clark transmissions, AIT will be able to provide transmission rebuild kits or a remanufactured transmission for your lift truck.

Clark® forklifts have used the Clark® 18000 transmission and the Clark® 28000 transmission in their large capacity trucks. These are also found in Taylor, Case, Pettibone, Kalmar, and other large capacity trucks. AIT can offer you a rebuilt transmission or remanufacture the transmission from your lift truck or container handler.

A number of specialty equipment manufacturers have found that Clark Hurth® and Dana Spicer® products work well in their products. Log skidders, pipe loaders, and cranes can be powered by Clark Hurth® and Dana Spicer® transmissions. AIT can rebuild any of these Clark® products. AIT carries transmission rebuild kits for most of these Clark products.


The Dana® Trademarks referred to herein are Trademarks of Dana Limited. The Dana® Trademarks are used for informational purposes only, and there is no connection between American Industrial Transmission, Inc. or this website and Dana®.